Simplified, web-based church presentation system.
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A simple, web-based church presentation system

Please note this has only been tested in the latest Chrome for MacOSX Should work in all modern webkit browsers

Current Status: Release Candidate 4 (Pretty much stable on latest Chrome for mac running server at localhost)


  1. Install nodejs for your OS
  2. Install mongodb
  3. Create a database called "presentdb" Can be changed in server/
  4. Download and extract zip file of source
  5. In the command line run
npm install .
  1. Run the following code:
sudo node ./index.js

Note sudo is required to run the application on port 80

  1. Your done! Navigate to localhost:80 for the presentation and localhost:80/ui.html for the interface.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Toggle Fade to Black: b

Toggle Fade text out: c

Toggle Presentation Live: Ctrl + \

Next Verse Enter

Go to verse n 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Show verse number Alt


Show next/previous verse Right/Left

Load next/previous song Down/Up

Send preview to live Ctrl + l


You can configure defaults of the application by modifying the values in

port Specify which port you'd like to run the server on

db Specify which db you'd like to use for songs

Setting up a presentation

  1. Open the http://localhost:80/index.html file in your web browser
  2. Move it to the screen your projector uses
  3. Full screen the web page
  4. In another window open http://localhost:80/ui.html