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Releases: jajuk-team/jajuk

aka Deepest Blue

07 Nov 22:11
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Jajuk requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 and above to run. Get it for free at Tested successfully with Java 11 and 13.

WARNING: Under Windows, check this instructions if Jajuk asks for a JDK.

jajuk-[version]-setup.exe : Windows installer
jajuk-portable-[version].zip : Windows directory without installer
jajuk-linux-[version].tar.gz : Linux tarball with provided installer*
jajuk-macos-[version].zip : OSX package
jajuk-sources-[version].zip : all the sources ready to be built
jajuk.jar : only the jajuk jar (for testing purpose only)

More information at
(*) Jajuk team no more provides Linux distributions packages (rpm, deb...)