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CDI TCK Development

Check out the TCK Reference Guide to get acquainted with the CDI TCK and learn how to execute and debug it.

Building CDI TCK artifacts

To build the CDI TCK artifacts, use:

mvn install

or when compiling against staged Jakarta artifacts:

mvn -Pstaging install

Building the CDI TCK distribution

The CDI TCK distribution artifact is built by specifing an additional -Drelease property to build the TCK reference documentation and distribution bundle, e.g.:

mvn -Drelease install

Eclipse Continuous Integration Environment

The Eclipse continuous integration environment interface for the CDI project is located at The page describes the jobs found there.

Sources in GIT

Master branch contains the CDI TCK 4.0

Source Layout

  • .github - the GitHub actions configuration
  • api - Api/Spi for vendor integration
  • dist-build - assembly project to create the distribution zip
  • doc - the TCK user guide source
  • docs - the content for the CDI project github pages
  • ext-lib - A sample library used by some integration tests
  • ide-configs - useful settings for Eclipse and Intellij IDEs
  • impl - The core set of tests, excluding those that depend on web and full platform containers
  • lang-model - A standalone test suite for the CDI language model; see its README
  • web - The extra tests that depend on the web profile and full platform
  • - this doc