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JakartaJS Talks

If you'd like to give a talk to our motley crew of Javascript/Node.js developers / users / lovers / newbies / explorers, we'd love to hear your proposal!

We're trying something different and using GitHub Issues for talk submissions. This way people can ask questions, give feedback and +1 their favourites. If your talk isn't scheduled for the next meetup, leave the issue open and we may invite you to give it in the future (based on theme or time constraints)

After each meetup, we (or the speaker) will update issues with slides, links, and other useful information.

Submit your talk now

Submit a proposal

Check out the talk dates below, the theme for that date, and the suggested topics.

Once you've got a talk idea, open a new Issue by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you're uncomfortable posting your idea publicly, you can message us directly: @hengkiardo @giosakti @agung @sofianhw on JakartaJS slack group

Make sure you fill out the following information:

  • Talk Date
  • Talk Title
  • Length
  • Twitter-sized Overview (140 characters)
  • Detailed Overview

Submit your talk now

Things to think about

Have a read through this slide deck. It's a very good overview of how to design a good slidedeck for a technical presentation.


Venue sometimes doesn't use a projector, but instead uses 2 flatscreen TVs that are quite a bit smaller. Because of this:

  • Use very large fonts and less text per screen so your slide is legible at the back of the room

  • If you have code examples, we suggest you make them take up the entire screen with as large a font as possible

  • Minimise the use of code examples and bullet points as they will be hard to read

  • If you want to demo something, consider using a screen capture movie or gif. licecap is a tool that can help with this.


We use a hand-held mike rather than a lapel or headset so practice presenting with one hand holding a mike.

Think about where you need your laptop positioned for advancing slides based on where you like to stand while speaking (at the front of the room, or off to the side).


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