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A simple AHK screenshot and program utility for Realm of the Mad God
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Version 0.0.17

Requires AutoHotKey from

Manual Mode (default)

Extract files to a folder and edit config.ahk if any changes are necessary then run jrotmg-quickstart.ahk.

Managed Mode

(Coming in a future release) Extract files to a folder and run setup.ahk. Installation wizard will help you configure, upgrade, and backup your app.


  1. Auto-ignore system for easy spam management
  2. Panic button to force close the game in the event of lag, clicking outside the game, etc
  3. Nexus Screenshot Mode
  4. Screenshot Timelapse Mode
  5. Nexus Panic Mode
  6. PixelState


 Ignores last user to PM you and adds them to the ignores database
 Unignores most recent entry in the ignores database
 Display Ignores List
 Force closes the game process on your computer. This is the proverbial "Oh shit" button.

 In the event you lose control of the game window, lag, anything that prevents you from nexusing hit this button.
 Lists the names contained in the ignores database
 Opens the current screenshot folder for all nexusing screenshots
 Shows how long until next nexus screenshot is available
 Toggle Nexus Screenshot utility on/off
 Enable character screenshot filter mode (see below)
 Enable custom region screenshot filter mode (see below)
 Open Timelapse menu or disable active timelapse mode
 Toggle Screen Calibration utility on/off

Ignores Database

Spam in this game is beyond annoying. Ignoring spammers is actually really helpful on a per-server basis in dealing with the problem. The autoignore hotkey will make your gaming experience much nicer when the spambots show up. Or anybody else annoying you.

Panic Button

The panic button is extremely useful and will absolutely save your life.

We've all experienced situations where we lose control of the game. Between Internet and server lag, popups, client errors/freezing, and other random mistakes, there are plenty of things trying to kill you in this game that just shouldn't belong.

The panic button works even when Alt+F4 fails you. It will force close the game process using Windows taskkill program.

Nexus Screenshot Mode

At its very basic and default configuration, when you hit the Nexus hotkey a screenshot will be taken at the same time.

It supports taking a printscreen of your game window or using Steam's F12 screenshot hotkey. Be aware that using Steam's screenshot system causes a brief delay when nexusing.

The system attempts to not take screenshots while you are typing by detecting when you open the chat box. The wait timer will prevent screenshots for a set period of time after the chat box opens up.

Optionally, and currently enabled by default, the system will also utilize PixelState to check if the chatbox is open and prevent screenshots. The configuration key 'ScreenshotChatboxGrace' when set above 0 will allow screenshots to be taken within that time period. This is useful to help capture Nexus attempts when you accidentally open the chatbox.

An alternative option is to switch to double mode. This mode requires that the Nexus key be double tapped to take a screenshot.

Suspicious Cropping Mode

Filters are supported which blackout certain areas of screenshots. The following filters are supported:

  1. Account Fame and Gold
  2. Guild
  3. Stars
  4. Minimap
  5. Username
  6. Fame
  7. Partial HP/MP (exposes leftmost side of bars)
  8. Equipment
  9. Inventory
  10. User list
  11. Chat
  12. Character
  13. Custom

The provided filters are configured using approximations of where the blackout tiles need to be positioned. If they do not line up for you, then you can adjust the positions by editing the src/jrotmg-ahk/etc/rectangles.ahk file. Minor adjustments are possible thru the configuration key ScreenshotFilterAdjustments. Good luck if you attempt this.

The character filter requires that you run hotkey Ctrl+Alt+C and click on your character. This needs to be repeated if you switch between fullscreen and windowed mode, or between Steam and Flash Projector, or if you change between player centered and off-center.

The custom filter requires that you run hotkey Shift+Alt+C and select the upper left and lower right boundaries of your custom filter region. Same configuration rules apply as the character filter.

The watermark may be disabled by changing the configuration key 'WatermarkTextColor' to begin with 00 (e.g. 00FFFFFF).

Screenshot Timelapse Mode

Record a timelapse of your Realm progress with named groups. When enabled, it will take a screenshot every x seconds and store it to a subfolder of the screenshots folder.

Record your NPE/PPE progress or keep a record of everything going on in game without having to record video.

Presently supports adding, deleting, enabling, and disabling named configurations. Upcoming features include maximum image count and age, and more. To change a configuration, delete and recreate it. No images will be deleted.

Nexus Panic Mode

With Nexus Panic Mode enabled any time you spam your Nexus key more than a configured amount of times the panic mode will activate and force close your game.

Be familiar with the panic button and consider binding it to a mouse button. You can run the file extra/panic-button-mouse-tools.ahk to generate a program that can be ran by many mouse clients such as Razer. The ultimate panic button. The generated file is not an AutoHotKey script and is separate from this application. For more details on this, you can find instructions for it on Realmeye Forums.


A tool for integrating with the game window to provide interactive features.

Screen Calibration

PixelState and screenshot filters both utilize positional location data to configure themselves. Manually coming up with this data is tedious. Activating screen calibration will provide you with the following data when you click your mouse in game:

  1. Mouse absolute and relative positioning data
  2. Pixel ARGB number and values

Use the x,y values to configure PixelState and/or the Screenshot filters rectangles configuration. Usage of Absolute x,y values haven't been tested yet.

PixelMap and PixelGroups

PixelState's primary job is to provide pixel data which can be used to validate the game's state.

Pixels are named in the PixelMap configuration while groups and their expected states are stored in the PixelGroups configuration. This can be located in the file src/jrotmg-ahk/etc/pixelstate-runtime.ahk.

Low HP Detection

PixelState keeps track of your in-game HP. It will never help you if your HP is low. What it will do is allow for low-hp based screenshotting in an upcoming version. Stay tuned!

Screen Calibration Utility

Displays the position and color data of the pixel you clicked on. Useful for mapping pixels. Leaving this enabled for now as it is kind of fun.

Planned Upcoming Features
  1. Extended choice of sounds
  2. 0% HP "Finish Him!"
  3. Detect drowning and play Sonic the Hedgehog drowning song near death


This is beta software and you use it at your own risk. No warranty or guarantee is offered.

Master branch releases may be considered generally stable but may contain unknown bugs. This is the recommended branch.

Version and test branches may be marked alpha or release candidate. Alpha commits will contain untested and potentially incomplete code. RC commits will contain code considered to be as stable as master branch but not yet ready for merger.

Your input on this software is appreciated. Feel free to file bug reports if you encounter any.


All settings, timeouts, and values are configurable from the config.ahk file. Example default configuration:

;;;;  game hotkeys
UserHotkeys_Nexus = r
UserHotkeys_Printscreen = ^PrintScreen

;;;;  enable or disable the nexus screenshot utility
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
ScreenshotEnabled := true

;;;;  time in seconds the screenshot system should wait to save the image (minimizes nexus delay)
;;  accepts integers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc
;;  only used when ScreenshotImageMode = direct
ScreenshotSleepTimeout = 1

;;;;  time in seconds after opening chat that nexus screenshots will not be taken
;;  accepts integers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc
ScreenshotTypeTimeout = 5

;;;;  which method should the screenshot be taken with
;;  accepts string: direct, steam
ScreenshotImageMode = direct

;;;;  quality of the screenshot image
;;  accepts integers: 0 - 100
ScreenshotImageQuality = 100

;;;;  which key mode to trigger screenshots (single or double)
;;  accepts string: single, double
ScreenshotKeyMode = single

;;;;  enable or disable the screenshot wait timer (prevents screenshots while typing)
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
ScreenshotWaitTimer := true

;;;;  enable or disable checking for chatbox pixels to prevent typing screenshots
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
ScreenshotWaitPixelCheck := true

;;;;  how many seconds after a chatbox opens for it to invalidate screenshots
;;  this is the inverse of ScreenshotTypeTimeout and it utilizes PixelState instead of typing for detection
;;  it's purpose is to try and capture attempted nexus screenshots when you open the chatbox by mistake
;;  accepts integers: 0-10
ScreenshotChatboxGrace = 2

;;;;  which locations disable the automatic nexus hotkey screenshot
;;  accepts an array: ["Value1", "Value2", ...]
ScreenshotNexusDisallowedLocations := ["InMain", "InChar", "InNexus", "InVault", "Unknown"]

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide gold
ScreenshotHideGoldAndFame := true

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your guild
ScreenshotHideGuild := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your stars
ScreenshotHideStars := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your username
ScreenshotHideUsername := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide the minimap
ScreenshotHideMinimap := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your character fame
ScreenshotHideFame := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to show only partial hp/mp bar
ScreenshotHidePartialHPAndMP := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your equipment
ScreenshotHideEquipment := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide your inventory
ScreenshotHideInventory := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide the userlist
ScreenshotHideUserlist := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide chat
ScreenshotHideChat := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide majority of the screen
;;  not yet supported  ;;
;;  ScreenshotHideMajority := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to hide the character
ScreenshotHideCharacter := false

;;;;  enable or disable the filter to display your custom blackout filter
ScreenshotHideCustom := false

;;;;  default color for all screenshot filters
;;  accepts a hexidecimal string with the following format: YYYYYY
;;  YYYYYY is the color code you desire
ScreenshotFilterDefaultColor = 0c0c0c

;;;;  manually adjust positioning if it's slightly off
;;  accepts object like: {"x": 0, "y": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0}
ScreenshotFilterAdjustments := {"x": 0, "y": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0}

;;;;  control the size of the character blackout filter
;;  accepts object like: {"windowed": {"width": 0, "height": 0}, "fullscreen": {"width": 0, "height": 0}}
ScreenshotCharacterFilterPositioning := {"windowed": {"width": 80, "height": 80}, "fullscreen": {"width": 130, "height": 130}}

;;;;  control the opacity and color of the watermark
;;  accepts a hexidecimal string with the following format: XXYYYYYY
;;  XX is the opacity (00 is 0%; FF is 100%)
;;  YYYYYY is the color code you desire
;;  to disable the watermark, set opacity to 00
WatermarkTextColor = BBFFFFFF

;;;;  control whether or not timelapse uses the shared bitmap
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
TimelapseSharedBitmap := true

;;;;  set which locations timelapse photos won't occur
;;  accepts an array: ["Value1", "Value2", ...] (default is to set it equal to the ScreenshotNexusDisallowedLocations key)
TimelapseDisallowedLocations := ScreenshotNexusDisallowedLocations

;;;;  how frequently to run PixelState background jobs
;;  recommended value is 1; setting higher delays state detection
;;  consider setting TimelapseSharedBitmap := false if you change this value
;;  accepts integers: 0-100 (0 disables)
PixelStateTasksFrequency = 1

;;;;  how many shared bitmaps to keep in memory (each bitmap is generally 8-40MB depending on play mode)
;;  accepts integers: 1-100 (default is 7)
PixelStateSharedBitmapKeep = 7

;;;;  enable or disable the nexus panic button (closes the game if triggered)
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
NexusPanicEnabled := false

;;;;  number of times nexus button must be hit to trigger NexusPanic mode
;;  accepts integers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc
NexusPanicCount = 5

;;;;  number of seconds after nexus keypresses to reset counters to 0
;;  accepts integers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc
NexusKeyResetTime = 1

;;;;  path to store program data
;;  defaults to "C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Roaming\jrotmg-ahk"
StoragePath = %APPDATA%\jrotmg-ahk

;;;;  debugging mode enabled or not
;;  accepts boolean: true, false
Debug := false
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