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One Click Login

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For OCL v1 see the previous article.

Note: Windows and email users only! Sorry everyone else :(

One Click Login version 2 is available as of Muledump 9.6.

One Click Login allows you to login to any email-based ROTMG mule from Muledump with one click. You can rapidly launch multiple accounts at the same time.

Supported modes are Browser and Flash Projector. You can create custom profiles to load any client, Flash Projector exe, or game host that you want.

Install One Click Login

Install AutoIt (direct download)

Run the One Click Login installer

  1. Muledump Local - The file is located at /lib/mulelogin.au3 in the Muledump folder.
  2. Muledump Online - Right click and "Save link as..." here.
  3. Once the file is located, run it with AutoIt to install One Click Login.

Enable One Click Login in Muledump

  1. Click Setup > One Click Login > Change One Click Login Enabled to Yes

    One Click Login Manager

Browser Mode Users

If you plan to launch the game in the browser then you're all set! One Click Login should now be working.

You can stop here or skip ahead to Features and Usage.

Flash Projector Mode Users

If you plan to launch the game using Flash Projector then you need to configure the following:

  1. Click on the Flash Projector profile in the right column

  2. Change Is Default to Yes

  3. Change Path to the path of your Flash Projector executable

    • You can download Flash Projector from Adobe's website
    • Example Flash Projector Path: C:\Users\You\Downloads\flashplayer_32_sa.exe
  4. Optional: The Game Client path should point to the SWF you wish to load.

    • The default value uses the official ROTMG game client.
    • Testing accounts that use this value will automatically be switched to the appropriate testing server.

    Flash Projector Configuration Example

You can stop here or skip ahead to Features and Usage.

Update One Click Login

  1. Muledump Local: Rerun the install file located at /lib/mulelogin.au3 in the Muledump folder.

  2. Muledump Online: Right click and "Save link as..." here and rerun it with AutoIt.

  3. When prompted choose the "Reinstall Option".

    One Click Login Reinstall Option

Uninstall One Click Login

  1. Run any copy of mulelogin.au3 and choose the Uninstall option.

    One Click Login Uninstall Option

Features and Usage

  1. Login to any email-based ROTMG account with a single click.
  2. Configured entirely inside Muledump; no editing files yourself.
  3. Supports Browser and Flash Projector usage at the same time.
  4. Profiles allow you to create custom configurations to customize One Click Login.
  5. Mules can be assigned to specific profiles.
  6. Testing server accounts are fully supported.
  7. Testing server mule's assigned a custom OCL profile that uses will automatically adjust to the testing server.
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