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Steam Users Setup Guide

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Using Steam accounts on Muledump is possible; however, it is a bit complicated in getting the required information.

If you are a Steam user but have linked your account to an email address, then you should use that instead.

Be sure to check out the Installation and Setup Guide before moving on to getting your Steam credentials.

Here's an overview of the process this guide will walk you through:

  1. Download and install Fiddler
  2. Configure Fiddler
  3. Launch ROTMG from Steam and wait until main menu
  4. Locate the /steamworks/getcredentials request
  5. Copy the Steamworks ID and secret from the XML response data
  6. Proceed to Muledump Account Setup

Step 1 - Download and Install Fiddler

Fiddler is a tool that can watch the network traffic on your computer.

Fiddler shows you the requests and response data for your browsers, applications, etc.

We will use Fiddler to watch ROTMG connect to Steam and obtain your account credentials.

You can download Fiddler at

Step 2 - Configure Fiddler

Set Fiddler to Decode, Non-Browser.

From the Tools Menu go to Options, choose the HTTPS, and make sure it is set to Capture HTTPS Connects and Decrypt HTTPS traffic.

When you're ready to proceed then enable Capture Traffic from the File Menu or by hitting F12.

Step 3 - Launch ROTMG

If Fiddler is working correctly, as ROTMG loads requests will start populating in Fiddler.

Once you see the main menu for ROTMG you can proceed to Step 4.

Step 4 - Locate the Steamworks Credentials Request

Either look for the URL /steamworks/getcredentials or search for it by hitting Ctrl+F.

Once you find the line, click on it. Then under the Inspectors tab, Headers section, click the XML button.

Step 5 - Gather your Account Information

Copy the Steamworks GUID (e.g. steamworks:90378497777344) and the Secret (e.g. c3Bvb2t5Ym9pIHdhcyBoZXJl=)

Step 6 - Proceed to Muledump Account Setup

If you haven't yet started Muledump setup, then start at the top of Installation and Setup to get going.

If you are ready to input account data, jump to Muledump Account Setup.

Once finished you can uninstall Fiddler if desired.

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