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Storage Compression

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As of Jakcodex/Muledump v9.4 it is possible to enable storage compression to reduce the storage space required for your Muledump installation. This is handy mostly for users with many accounts who have been nearing or hitting the browser limits.

Make sure you download a backup of your configuration before enabling.

To enable SetupTools Compression do the following:

  1. Click Setup > Settings > SetupTools
  2. Change Storage Compression to On

You can choose to stop here. All future storage writes will be with compression.

If you want to force the storage engine to compress or decompress all data, first change the setting and then do:

  1. Click Setup > Settings > System > Compression Utility
  2. Click Synchronize to convert all data to match the current settings
  3. Click Analyze to view a brief report or go back and click View System Report

SetupTools Compression is fully compatible with a mix of compressed and decompressed data. Turning the setting on or off does not require any further changes for Muledump to continue working. Future changes to data will reflect the current setting if you do not synchronize as described above.

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