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C C++ Objective-C Makefile
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jakcron Merge pull request #83 from jakcron/makerom-v0.16.1-dev
[makerom] Undo regression and re-add `-ckeyid` and `-ncchseckey`
Latest commit 2992453 Aug 13, 2019
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.vs [ctrtool] fix bug with seeddb May 28, 2017
ctrtool Fix verifying incomplete DLC CIAs. (#76) Oct 17, 2018
makerom Undo regression and re-add `-ckeyid` and `-ncchseckey` Aug 13, 2019
.appveyor.yml Revert changes Aug 2, 2019
.gitattributes Added neimod's ctrtool Apr 14, 2014
.gitignore [ctrtool] fix bug with seeddb May 28, 2017 Update Aug 3, 2019


ctrtool - updated version of neimod's ctrtool.

makerom - creates CTR cxi/cfa/cci/cia files.

CI Builds

Thanks to @Margen67 we have AppVeyor make new builds for each commit to master.

Download them here:

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