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@jakcron jakcron released this Aug 4, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

CTR-MakeROM Change Log

  • Code cleanup & misc. bug fixes (thanks @luigoalma, @drizzt, @Reisyukaku and @jonirrings)
  • Increased maximum AffinityMask to 3 (from 1)
  • Fixed bug where savedata size was incorrectly detected as invalid for AGB_FIRM CIA files (thanks @alex34567)
  • Fixed bug where an RSF file was erroneously required to build a CIA file from an SRL file
  • Fixed bug where using TitleInfo/CategoryFlags was always deemed invalid (thanks @piratesephiroth)
  • Added CLI switch -nocodepadding which allows generating code binaries without padding between segments (used with firm-sysmodules) (thanks @yifanlu)
  • Updated RSF nodes to support new filesystem access flag (thanks @Steveice10)
    • AccessControlInfo/FileSystemAccess with new value SeedDB
  • Warn users for not specifying any services via RSF key AccessControlInfo/ServiceAccessControl
  • No longer includes the Logo as a NCCH partition if it is included in the ExeFS archive
  • Added a UniqueID range check
  • Added support for NCCH secure-crypto encryption (hardware generated keys)
  • secure-crypto is now default for NCCH encryption
  • Replaced CLI switch -fsign with -ignoresign which is more permissive of invalid signatures

CTRTool Change Log

  • Misc bug fixes (thanks @luigoalma, @Steveice10, @infinicore, @profi200, @Reisyukaku)
  • Fixed bug where CIA content may not validate properly
  • Improved AES-CTR processing speed
  • Updating FIRM processing code (thanks @profi200)
  • Added compiler support for CYGWIN (thanks @Thog)
  • Add SecureCrypto support (thanks @SciresM, @plutoo, and others)
  • Added option --seeddb to allow specifying a seeddb.bin file instead of a specific seed
  • Relevent Keys (and KeyX and KeyY) are now included in ctrtool and so these command line arguments are removed:
    • --commonkey
    • --ncchkey
    • --ncchsyskey
    • --ncchkeyxold
    • --ncchkeyxseven
    • --ncchkeyxninethree
    • --ncchkeyxninesix
  • Define 11.3 and 11.4 syscalls (thanks @Myriachan)
    • SetGpuProt
    • SetWifiEnabled
  • Refactored ExeFS processing code (--exefs now works for NCCH with new SecureCrypto)
  • Fixed bug where CIA extraction did not honour the CIA header content index (thanks @Steveice10)
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