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This repository contains my research into the technologies surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin that is published in the paper Image-based Proof of Work Algorithm for the Incentivization of Blockchain Archival of Interesting Images.

Click Here to Read the Full Paper

Blockchain like Bitcoin

The files and test a blockchain that was built with a simplified version of the algorithm used by Bitcoin. To mine a block, a nonce must be found that satisfies the condition that a hash of block data, the previous block's hash, and the nonce must have a given number of leading 0's. The difficulty of the block is determined by how many leading figure must be 0s. A difficulty order of 2 corresponds to hashes of blocks needing two leading 0s to be considered valid. The hash 0x40_000JB1Qn1gzNckyp1XU5UFhUAidhZB... is valid for a difficulty of 3 or less. The hash 0x40_00AJB1Qn1gzNckyp1XU5UFhUAidhZB... is valid for a difficulty of 2 or less. Test mining builds a dummy blockchain using dummy data. test_mining_like_btc.png

Blockchain that Spells Words was created as an experiment. It uses a modified mining algorithm to spell words in the hash of every block instead of padding it with 0's. This has no practical application. It was just a fun experiment. In blockchain that spells words, the first DIFFICULTY_ORDER letters of the difficulty phrase will be spelled out in every single block This does not change the difficulty of mining blocks. It just tells the mining algorithm to search for specific words instead of 0s. The hash 0x40_timJB1Qn1gzNckyp1XU5UFhUAidhZB... might be found with a difficulty of 3 The hash 0x40_timthebeaverckyp1XU5UFhUAidhZB... might be found with a difficulty of 12 The hash 0x40_timthebeaver000p1XU5UFhUAidhZB... might be found with a difficulty of 15 The difficulty phrase for will always be the length of the encoded hash output. Shorter phrases will be padded with 0s For instance, timthebeaver becomes timthebeaver000000....

Signatures and Claims and wrap and use the PyCrypto API to generate and store signed claims using the PyCrypto RSA object. test_claims.png

Other Projects

Checkout my other projects at or contact me via LinkedIn.


Research into the technologies surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin





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