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Please Read!

Trace has not been updated in a while due to personal circumstances.

Once I am able to begin development again, I will be re-coding Trace using the new Manifest version 3 API.

Updates will be posted on my telegram channel linked below.

Thank you for your patience.


Changelog | FAQ | Privacy Policy | Telegram Channel

This will have the source code of every major release.

What is Trace?

Trace is a web extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge that protects against common browser fingerprinting methods.

Trace provides the following:

  • Canvas Fingerprint Spoofing
  • Audio Fingerprinting Protection
  • WebGL Fingerprinting Protection
  • JS Crypto Currency Mining Domain Blocking
  • WebRTC IP Leakage Protection
  • WebRTC Device Enumeration Protection
  • Client Rects Protection
  • Screen Resolution Spoofing
  • User-Agent Spoofing
  • Battery API Spoofing
  • Network Information API Spoofing
  • Browser Plugin Fingerprinting Protection
  • Hardware Fingerprinting Protection
  • Beacon/'Ping' Request Blocking
  • Blocks Malicious Top Level Domains
  • Hyperlink Auditing Prevention
  • HTTP Referrer Headers Controls
  • Google Header Tracking Controls
  • E-Tag Tracking Mitigation
  • Removal of specific Tracking Cookies
  • Removal of URL Tracking Parameters


You can report issues here or via email.

Please include the browser name and version you are using Trace on as well as the version of Trace.

Install From Source Code

Chromium/Chrome/New Edge

  • Download and extract the MyTrace folder (link).
  • Move the MyTrace folder to a location of your choosing, e.g. Documents folder
    • When you go to update Trace in the future, replace this MyTrace folder with the new one.
    • If you move this folder your extension settings will be reset, so make sure to create a backup before doing so.
  • In the browser, navigate to chrome://extensions
  • Enable Developer mode if it is not already enabled. You should see some new options appear.
  • Click Load unpacked extension....
  • When prompted, locate the MyTrace folder and press Open
  • The extension should now be installed.

This method will warn you each time you open the browser that "Developer extensions" are installed. If this gets annoying then you could create a shortcut to your Chromium executable with the commandline flag: --load-extension='PATH_TO_EXTENSION' where PATH_TO_EXTENSION is the full file path to the MyTrace folder.

This repo will currently not accept contributions.