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uses node to get images by keyword from bing, google, picsearch and yahoo
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image scraper

Scrapes images from popular search engines using this module

  • google
  • bing
  • yahoo
  • picsearch


  • get stable version of node
  • in the root of this repo run: npm install

Command Line tool

  • make sure you have correct permissions: chmod 777 image-scrape.js
  • run with: ./image-scrape.js search_term number_of_images save_path
  • search_term is the keyword for images to scrape, number_of_images is the number (from each source) to download. 4 will result in 4 images from EACH source. save_path is optional. the default path is in this directory
  • if you want to run this from any path on your computer,

Use library in script

  • See run-example.js for usage and settings object example the lib/scraper.js lib takes a settings object.
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