Bellarmine College Prep's High Altitude Balloon Project—Code, Schematics, and PCB Layout
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##Belloon – Bellarmine College Prep's High Altitude Balloon Project – Code, Schematics, and PCB Layout

Launching in winter summer of 2016 (targeting January June) to ~35km of altitude with a 1600g Hydrogen-filled latex balloon and a sensor package complete with the following:

  • Camera (GoPro HERO))
  • 144.390MHz APRS RadioMetrix Radio for telemetry
  • GPS tracker (model TBD)
  • ATMega CPU (with Arduino bootloader) with SD card for data logging
  • Gas sensors (a sensor that can detect carbon-based gases and nitrous oxide, some of the worse pollutants in the atmosphere that also cause smog)
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

Once the balloon's payload—the board and sensors—is complete, we'll be able to launch and make use of the data collected to study environmental changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Launch will be carried out with the help of the California Near Space Project, which has volunteered to facilitate the launch and retrieval.

The board design is complete as of May 12 and has been sent off to be fabricated, so it will be debugged in person shortly. See the updated files for the full schematic and board (both done in EAGLE), gerber files, and BOM.

Jake Glass & Mihir Trivedi