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Blah blah, read this: How to make a jailbreak without a filesystem remount as r/w

  • Powered by jelbrekLib

Usage notes

  • empty_list used by default. You can change that in sploit.c
  • Cydia Impactor will BREAK the binaries and the only solution would be compressing files or saurik releasing an update. I will not bother with an ipa for now.
  • Binaries are located in: /var/containers/Bundle/iosbinpack64
  • Launch daemons are located in /var/containers/Bundle/iosbinpack64/LaunchDaemons
  • /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport contains a filesystem simulation where tweaks and stuff get installed
  • Symlinks include: /var/LIB, /var/ulb, /var/bin, /var/sbin, /var/Apps

All executables must have at least these two entitlements:

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
  • Tweaks and stuff get installed in: /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport the same way you did with Electra betas.
  • Tweaks must be patched using the patcher script provided. (Mac/Linux/iOS only) or manually with a hex editor
  • Apps get installed in /var/Apps and later you need to run /var/containers/Bundle/iosbinpack64/usr/bin/uicache (other uicache binaries won't work)

iOS 12

  • No tweaks and code injection yet
  • No amfid patch yet. Must run "inject /path/to/binary" before adding a new binary
  • No jailbreakd yet
  • No remount (heh?)

patcher usage: ./patcher /path/to/deb /path/to/output_folder

Thanks to: Ian Beer, Brandon Azad, Jonathan Levin, Electra Team, IBSparkes, Sam Bingner, Sammy Guichelaar


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