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Sprite Cow

Sprite Cow helps you get the background-position, width and height of sprites within a spritesheet as a nice bit of copyable css.

Automated spritesheet generators are pretty cool, but I prefer the control over optimisation and compression you get by making them manually.

However, copying all the positions & sizes from graphics apps wasted a ton of my time, so I made this!

Currently available online for you to use at



  • Added option for percent-based positioning
  • Added option to scale sprite 50% for retina users


  • Switching to Sass for CSS
  • New logo, thanks to Stephen Waller
  • Tidied up some design bits and pieces


  • Fixed issue in Firefox that prevented filename being picked up
  • Added appcache for offline use & faster loading while offline


  • Making more room for the spritesheet view


  • Adding Twitter details


  • Added "Reload image" button
  • If you open the same image twice, it now reloads the image


  • Bits of CSS & JS that stopped things working in Opera
  • Bits of CSS & JS that stopped things working in IE10 (some remaining layout issues though)


  • Picks up the file name through drag & drop as well as the 'open' button


  • Can change CSS path
  • Changing labels from 'Select' to 'Open' when opening files