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Link Shrink Pro Readme

NOTICE: I am no longer maintaining Link Shrink. The APIs it uses have decayed, and I no longer want to encourage short links.

Thanks for checking out Link Shrink Pro. I wrote this app because I wanted to learn how to write Android apps. It is a simple link shortener that can be activated from many places in Android. You can long press on the browser's URL bar and select Share, or select Share from the browser menu. It also works with the Youtube app and others. When it is done shortening the link, it is copied to the clipboard. You can select from,, or has account support through their API.

The app is available to download from the Android Market.

How To Use

I've tried to keep this app very simple, to match its very simple purpose. You can download the app and it will "just work" with If you'd like to change what shortening service it uses, simply open the Link Shrink Pro icon from the launcher.


To report an issue, you can create a new issue - after checking to see that it isn't already there. I will try to fix it soon, but please consider that this project is not my day job. If you really want something fixed and you know how to code, you can try doing it yourself and getting into contact with me to add in your changes.

Why Is There Another Link Shrink?

Because of reasons beyond my control, I am unable to upload updates to the old version of Link Shrink. I left it on the market for a while, but will eventually take it down. Sorry for the confusion, but if you want to latest version, use Link Shrink Pro.