taglist is a jQuery plugin that lets you convert a comma-delimited text field into an interactive tag list.
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taglist is a jQuery plugin that lets you convert a plain ol' comma-delimited text field into a super awesome, interactive tag list.

In other words, turn this:

taglist before

Into this:

taglist after


taglist is designed to be a drop-in replacement. Do these three simple steps to get up and running:

  1. Add jquery.taglist.js onto your webpage.
  2. Add $('.myTagInputField').taglist(); to your webpage.
  3. Add some CSS for your taglist.


Options can be set on your taglist by passing in an object as a parameter like so:

  foo: 'bar'

Currently, there is only one available option:

(bool) confirmRemove (default: true)

Shows a dialog confirming if you'd like to remove the tag or not.


Callbacks are optional functions that are fired after an event. They are set in the options object.


Fired when a user attempts to add a tag that already exists. By default, an alert dialog pops up letting the user know that that tag already exists.


There are two ways you can contribute:

  • Fork this repo and apply patches
  • Submit bugs/feature requests over at the Issues section. Please be specific by adding your browser type, browser version, and OS when filing a bug.