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QMK Guide for flashing ALU68 from - keymap, hex, json, qmk-firmware
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ALU68 is a board sold by Dave from who also provided the original hex and JSON files

Current maintainer: Jake Besworth

Originally taken from JC65 QMK configuration

These docs are for the QMK version of the PCB. More info on

Building Hex Map

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

See build environment setup then the make instructions for more information.

cd qmk_firmware/
make alu68-default


  1. Press flash button

Put Keyboard into bootloader mode by clicking RESET button Put the keyboard into DFU mode for flashing. This button is default fn+home (top-right key) on ALU68

  1. Flash keyboard

Make and flash default keyboard:

cd qmk_firmware/
make alu68-default-dfu

Linux compatible way

cd qmk_firmware/keyboards/alu68/
sudo make keymap=default dfu

JSON Config File

Keyboard Firmware Builder


You can upload the JSON file here, and using the KEYMAP section and different layers, can change what keys are mapped to what

QMK keycodes


You can export new Hex, JSON, and even qmk_firmware src from the editor. The qmk_firmware will produce the C code needed to flashing / compiling

Default Keyboard layout

Layer 1

Layer 1 of ALU68

Layer 2

Layer 2 of ALU68

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