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Overview and guide to Celestis WoW 1.12.1 CMaNGOS server
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Celestis 1.12.1 Server Overview

Table of Contents

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What is CMaNGOS


What is Celestis

Celestis is the name of the hypothetical server, a fork of the CMaNGOS server emulation software written as a hypothetical installation guide with server and game related tips. Celestis takes a look into hypothetical installation of a CMaNGOS classic-server.

Hypothetical CMaNGOS Installation

Specific Guide

This guide is mostly complete with a few changes listed below: CMaNGOS Guide

Setting up on Virtualbox


  • Virtual Box Guest Additions
  • Password and username of MySQL mangos and mangos
  • mysqld --skip-grant-tables

Setting up on AWS

  1. We'll be using an AWS t2.micro EC2 instance which should allow probably 5-10 players with no issues

  2. We'll be using AWS Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS build

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install build-essential gcc g++ automake git-core autoconf make patch libmysql++-dev mysql-server libtool libssl-dev grep binutils zlibc libc6 libbz2-dev cmake subversion vim libboost-all-dev screen
  1. First thing we should do is setup our directory structure
  • Create user mangos and change login to them
sudo addgroup mangos
sudo useradd -m -d /home/mangos -c "MANGoS" -g mangos mangos
# Change password to mangos
sudo passwd mangos
su - mangos
cd /home/mangos
  • Clone repositories
git clone git:// mangos
git clone git:// acid
git clone git:// classicdb
mkdir run build
  1. Now we can compile the build
  • make
cd build
cmake ../mangos -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/mangos/run -DDEBUG=0
make install
  • config files
cp /home/mangos/mangos/src/mangosd/ /home/mangos/run/etc/mangosd.conf
cp /home/mangos/mangos/src/realmd/ /home/mangos/run/etc/realmd.conf
cp /home/mangos/mangos/src/game/AuctionHouseBot/ /home/mangos/run/etc/ahbot.conf
  • edit /home/mangos/run/etc/mangosd.conf and change this line to:
DataDir = "/home/mangos/run"
  1. Extracting the map files
  • This part is listed in this section of the guide. I would highly recomend just installing your WoW client on windows, and running those scripts to get your needed vmaps maps dbc folders. Note that the scripts seem not to include .exe extensions to files, which should be added. Also note you need to extract from a vanilla 1.12.1 client.
mv vmaps /home/mangos/run/
mv maps /home/mangos/run/
mv dbc /home/mangos/run/
  1. Importing Databases
mysql -u root -p < /home/mangos/mangos/sql/create/db_create_mysql.sql
mysql -u root -p mangos < /home/mangos/mangos/sql/base/mangos.sql
mysql -uroot -p characters < /home/mangos/mangos/sql/base/characters.sql
mysql -uroot -p realmd < /home/mangos/mangos/sql/base/realmd.sql
  1. Initializing the world
  • Initialize Installer config
cd /home/mangos/classicdb
vim InstallFullDB.config
  • At this point add to the following lines:
  • Install
cd ..
  1. More database stuff
mysql -u root -p mangos < /home/mangos/mangos/sql/scriptdev2/scriptdev2.sql
mysql -u root -p mangos < /home/mangos/acid/*.sql
  1. Setting up your public ip address, and opening ports
mysql -u root
USE realmd;
SELECT * FROM realmlist\G;
UPDATE realmlist set name="my server name", address="my public EC2 address";
  • From within your EC2 instance Security Group add 2 inbound rules
Custom TCP Rule     TCP     3724        Anywhere
Custom TCP Rule     TCP     8085        Anywhere
  1. Configuring your 1.12.1 WoW client

  2. Running the server

  • This section gets a bit complicated due to the implementation I chose. When running the server you get access to a shell to do commands onto the server. For this I wanted to have a running detatchable SCREEN instance as to allow easy ssh access to the shell without disrupting the server.

  • First we need to make 2 files to run our server

  • /home/mangos/

#!/usr/bin/env sh

/home/mangos/run/bin/realmd -c /home/mangos/run/etc/realmd.conf
  • /home/mangos/
#!/usr/bin/env sh

/home/mangos/run/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/run/etc/mangosd.conf -a /home/mangos/run/etc/ahbot.conf
  • Initial run of the server
su - mangos
script /dev/null
./ &
  • From within the SCREEN session you can talk to the mangosd shell and do commands such as "account create"

  • How to get back into our SCREEN session

su - mangos
script /dev/null
screen -r

Creating first account

First Login

We're done!

WoW Client Installation Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux

  • Download your vanilla 1.12.1 WoW client such as here
  • Note, this link is dead, you'll have to find it somewhere else


Edit your to your EC2 server address and click wow.exe to play


Edit your to your EC2 server address

brew tap caskroom/cask
brew cask install java xquartz
brew install wine
wine wow.exe


Edit your to your EC2 server address

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine
wine wow.exe

WoW Addons

Downloading addons

  • Here is a decent website with many vanilla addons, it's a tad slow, but they work.

  • A better github link can be found here

Installing Addons

  • Very simple, extract your addon, and drag it into your WoW/Interface/AddOns directory
  • From the character screen bottom left you can edit and add your new addons

Useful Addons

  • A really nice breakdown of useful addons can be found at this forum

My personal choices are:

  • Atlas v1.8.1 (Map)
  • Bartender2 (Action Bars)
  • Questie (Quest helper - this is a necessity)
  • eCastingBar (Casting Bar - similar to quartz)
  • ag_UnitFrames (does top portrait, health bars, mana bars, numbers on bars)
  • OneBag (displays all bags, lets you drag backpack)
  • BEB (better, experience bar, pretty exp bar)
  • informant (in the auctioneer package, shows items sell value)
  • EquipCompare (Show items against what you're wearing)

Still looking for a Sexymap 1.12.1 but I'll keep looking.

WoW Useful Commands

Change password

From within game, in the chat box type:

.account password <old-password> <new-password> <new-password>

GM Commands

  • List of commands
  • your player info
  • Teleport
.tele <location>
  • Go to player
.goname <character-name>
  • Player to self
.namego <character-name>
  • Modify speed
.modify aspeed <rate>
  • Find all accounts and characters on the server (change empty string to search string to narrow down results)
.lookup player account ""
  • Server commands
  • Banning players et al
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