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// UIDevice+JBDeviceOwner.m
// JBDeviceOwner
// Created by Jake Boxer on 4/3/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Jake Boxer. All rights reserved.
#import "UIDevice+JBDeviceOwner.h"
#import "JBDeviceOwner.h"
// Forces this .m file to be linked without needing -all_load or -force_load
@interface FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_JBDeviceOwner @end
@implementation FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_JBDeviceOwner @end
@implementation UIDevice (JBDeviceOwner)
- (JBDeviceOwner *)owner {
JBDeviceOwner *potentialOwner = [[JBDeviceOwner alloc] initWithDevice:self];
return potentialOwner.hasAddressBookMatch ? potentialOwner : nil;
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