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@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ If `JBDeviceOwner` can't figure out the owner's name, or if it can't find a matc
1. Download [the latest framework ZIP]( from [the Downloads tab]( Unzip/untar it.
1. Drag `JBDeviceOwner.framework` into your project.
1. Add `AddressBook.framework` to your project if it's not there already (it's an Apple framework).
-1. Add `-ObjC -all_load` to your target's "Other Linker Flags".
+1. Add `-ObjC` to your target's "Other Linker Flags".
1. Add `#import <JBDeviceOwner/JBDeviceOwner.h>` to any file where you want to use `JBDeviceOwner`.
1. Delight your users!

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