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UITableViewCell subclass whose contentView can slide out to reveal another view, as seen in the Facebook app, SCVNGR app, and Twitter app.
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A bunch of iPhone apps have table cells with "sliding drawers"; you do something to the table cell (select it, tap a button in it, right-swipe it, etc.), and the cell "slides out" to reveal more stuff underneath.

Some notable iPhone apps that do this (yes, I'm a bit biased on the last one):

  • Facebook (tap the blue speech bubble on feed items)
  • Twitter (left or right swipe a tweet)
  • SCVNGR (tap the green plus button on a piece of activity, or select an already-completed challenge)

I spent a good amount of time making this effect look nice and work smoothly for SCVNGR's iPhone app. I wish I'd had it already written for me when I started on the app, so I figured I'd generalize and share my work with others.

Hope you all like it. I'll continue to refactor and add examples as time goes on.

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