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object LogicSFKDefunc extends Logic {
type O[A] = Option[(A,T[A])]
sealed trait T[A]
case class Fail[A]() extends T[A]
case class Unit[A](a: A) extends T[A]
case class Or[A](t1: T[A], t2: () => T[A]) extends T[A]
case class Bind[A,B](t: T[A], f: A => T[B]) extends T[B]
case class Apply[A,B](t: T[A], f: A => B) extends T[B]
case class Filter[A](t: T[A], p: A => Boolean) extends T[A]
case class Unsplit[A](fk: FK[O[A]]) extends T[A]
def fail[A] = Fail()
def unit[A](a: A) = Unit(a)
def or[A](t1: T[A], t2: => T[A]) = Or(t1, { () => t2 })
def bind[A,B](t: T[A], f: A => T[B]) = Bind(t, f)
def apply[A,B](t: T[A], f: A => B) = Apply(t, f)
def filter[A](t: T[A], p: A => Boolean) = Filter(t, p)
sealed trait FK[R]
case class FKOr[A,R](t: () => T[A], sk: SK[A,R], fk: FK[R])
extends FK[R]
case class FKSplit[R](r: R) extends FK[R]
sealed trait SK[A,R]
case class SKBind[A,B,R](f: A => T[B], sk: SK[B,R])
extends SK[A,R]
case class SKApply[A,B,R](f: A => B, sk: SK[B,R])
extends SK[A,R]
case class SKFilter[A,R](p: A => Boolean, sk: SK[A,R])
extends SK[A,R]
case class SKSplit[A,R](r: (A, FK[R]) => R) extends SK[A,R]
sealed trait K[R,R2]
case class KReturn[R]() extends K[R,R]
case class KUnsplit[A,R,R2](sk: SK[A,R], fk:FK[R], k: K[R,R2])
extends K[O[A],R2]
def split[A](t: T[A]) = {
def applyT[A,R,R2]
(t: T[A], sk: SK[A,R], fk: FK[R], k: K[R,R2]): R2 =
t match {
case Fail() => applyFK(fk, k)
case Unit(a) => applySK(sk, a, fk, k)
case Or(t1, t2) => applyT(t1, sk, FKOr(t2, sk, fk), k)
case Bind(t, f) => applyT(t, SKBind(f, sk), fk, k)
case Apply(t, f) => applyT(t, SKApply(f, sk), fk, k)
case Filter(t, p) => applyT(t, SKFilter(p, sk), fk, k)
case Unsplit(fk2) => applyFK(fk2, KUnsplit(sk, fk, k))
def applyFK[R,R2](fk: FK[R], k: K[R,R2]): R2 =
fk match {
case FKOr(t, sk, fk) => applyT(t(), sk, fk, k)
case FKSplit(r) => applyK(k, r)
def applySK[A,R,R2]
(sk: SK[A,R], a: A, fk: FK[R], k: K[R,R2]): R2 =
sk match {
case SKBind(f, sk) => applyT(f(a), sk, fk, k)
case SKApply(f, sk) => applySK(sk, f(a), fk, k)
case SKFilter(p, sk) =>
if (p(a)) applySK(sk, a, fk, k) else applyFK(fk, k)
case SKSplit(rf) => applyK(k, rf(a, fk))
def applyK[R,R2](k: K[R,R2], r: R): R2 =
k match {
case KReturn() => r.asInstanceOf[R2]
case KUnsplit(sk, fk, k) => {
r match {
case None => applyFK(fk, k)
case Some((a, t)) => applyT(or(unit(a), t), sk, fk, k)
SKSplit((a, fk) => Some((a, Unsplit(fk)))),
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