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+----------------------------------------------+ |Deprecated, the slides now take place in | |slides/cufp-metaprogramming-tutorial-slides.hs| +----------------------------------------------+

What is static metaprogramming?

  • compile-time code generation
  • transformation of syntax trees

What's it good for?

  • for convenience (e.g. generate boilerplate or type-derived functions)
  • for speed (e.g. generate first-order functions from higher-order templates)
  • for DSLs (e.g. embedded regexps or SQL)
  • for language extensions (e.g. )

Static metaprogramming in OCaml and Haskell

  • Camlp4: preprocessing front-end to the OCaml compiler, AST transformations written as Camlp4 plugins

  • Template Haskell: compiler extensions to ghc, AST transformations embedded in Haskell code

A small example: first-order map

  • Eliminate use of higher-order function argument by generating static expansion
  • so f list is transformed to let rec map = function [] -> [] | a::l -> let r = f a in r :: map l
  • benchmark showing this is faster [hopefully]

first-order map in OCaml

first-order map in Haskell

[alternative] A small example: map over a tuple

  • Avoid boilerplate of mapping over elements of a tuple
  • so{N} f (a, b, c, ...) is transformed to (f a, f b, f c, ...)

tuple map in OCaml

tuple map in Haskell

Camlp4: mechanics

How to run Camlp4:

  • camlp4of [module.cmo] []
  • show loaded modules: -loaded-modules
  • print original syntax: -printer o
  • show AST for debugging: -filter Camlp4AstLifter
  • take input from command line: -str [input]
  • Ex. camlp4of -printer o -filter Camlp4AstLifter -str "type t = Foo"

ASTs in Camlp4

The Camlp4 AST:

  • type expr = ... and patt = ... and ctyp = ... and str_item = ... and ...
  • e.g. ExInt for an int expr, TySum for a sum type
  • see for full def
  • somewhat loose---easy to make invalid AST
  • converted to OCaml AST; see for errors
  • locations added by parser; see module type Loc in for API

OCaml quotations

Work with the OCaml AST using OCaml concrete syntax:

  • you can always fall back to AST constructors!
  • <:expr< 1, 2 >> becomes ExTup (_, (ExCom (_, (ExInt (_, "1")), (ExInt (_, "2")))))
  • <:ctyp< int * int >> becomes TyTup (_, (TySta (_, (TyId (_, (IdLid (_, "int")))), (TyId (_, (IdLid (_, "int")))))))
  • antiquotations: <:expr< 1, $x$ >>, <:expr< 1, $int:x$ >>`
  • see wiki page of quotations / antiquotations

Revised syntax

Alternative syntax for OCaml:

  • fixes some infelicities in OCaml syntax
  • makes antiquotation easier (gives more context)
  • avoid bugs in orginal syntax antiquotations
  • list t instead of t list
  • match [ patt -> expr | ... ] instead of match patt -> expr | ...
  • True instead of true
  • see doc page for full details


  • ...

ASTs in Template Haskell

Haskell quotations in Template Haskell

Practice: [something small]

A bigger example: [??]

Practice: [something bigger]

Camlp4-specific features, example

  • extending OCaml syntax

Template Haskell specific features, example

  • reification
  • safer name handling with Q module
  • type-checked quotations

Practice: [something using the specific features]