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Unable to call mutating method of super class #1

szastupov opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Here is the modified oo_super test, it doesn't pass.


thank you for the bug report, I will look at it as soon as possible


Maybe this info would be helpful:
method set_checked2 checked =
self#set_checked checked;
super#set_checked checked;
self#on_check checked
which compiles to:
f(function (checked$471) {
var self$2D10$470 = this;
_m(self$2D10$470._m[set_checked$472], self$2D10$470, [ checked$471 ]);
_(set_checked$452, [ self$2D10$470, $(), checked$471 ]);
return __m(self$2D10$470._m[on_check$458], self$2D10$470, [ checked$471 ]);
And here is the compiled body of set_checked:
function (ckd$189) {
var self$2D1$188 = this;
return (self$2D1$188[icheck$169]).checked = ckd$189;

If a debugger doesn't lie, set_checked "this" points to the object in first case (when I call it via self) and to the function itself in second (via super).
I'll keep trying to solve the problem myself, but it's pretty hard due to my little knowledge of ocamljs internals :\ Maybe you give me some clues? :)


Oops, I accidentally closed the ticket :\


Thanks for looking into it. As you discovered, super calls with args were being treated as function calls rather than method calls. The ocaml compiler converts super calls to function calls early in compilation, so I put in a hack to tell that this was actually supposed to be a method call, but it didn't cover the case where the method had args. I just checked in a different hack that fixes your modified test at least, and seems like it should work in general.


Thanks Jake, I'll check it tomorrow with my application.

This issue was closed.
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