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Changes from 0.3
* Patterns is now packaged as a library that makes it easy to extend
pattern matching. Lazy patterns are still available, but as an
application of the library rather than as a hard-coded extension.
* Pattern guards are gone for now. The intention is to restore them
in a future release, as an optional package implemented as an
application of the library rather than a hardcoded extension.
* Patterns should now coexist more happily with other extensions.
* Lots of examples, e.g. an implementation of conjunctive patterns.
See the `applications' directory.
* Everything now works with both original and revised.
* A number of bug fixes and a more robust, completely functional,
* The MIT License is included in the source tarball. (This is just
a packaging change, not a change of license.)
Changes from 0.2:
* Lazy patterns
Changes from 0.1:
* A new design for pattern guards which allows with-bindings within
top-level or-patterns (see the documentation)
* Fewer warnings in generated code: patterns that cannot fail now
generate `let'-bindings rather than `match'-bindings.
* More efficient code generated in many cases: for example no
reference cell is generated when there are no conditional
patterns in the `with' guards.
* Documentation (see
Initial release