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Note: you'll need OCaml 3.10.x to compile `patterns'.

Typing `make' in this directory should build object files traverse.cmo
and patterns.cmo, which form a framework for writing extensions to
pattern-matching using Camlp4. Typing `make' in the applications
directory then builds a number of extensions which use the framework
to extend OCaml pattern matching.

For example, once you've built the framework and the applications, you
can use the pa_lazy extension in applications/lazy to extend OCaml
with "lazy patterns" (i.e. pattern matching against lazy values). If
you have a source file "" which uses lazy patterns then you
can compile it as follows:

   ocamlc -pp 'camlp4of traverse.cmo patterns.cmo pa_lazy.cmo'

or, to see the output,

   camlp4of traverse.cmo patterns.cmo pa_lazy.cmo

If you'd like to check that everything is working, you can run

   make test

in the applications directory.

Documentation for using `patterns' is available at

Comments are very welcome.

Jeremy Yallop
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