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The Beyond Creativity Manifesto

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Developing Creative Minds Across Diverse Disciplines: Unlocking Potential for All Our Futures

This is a living document and is open to editing by the community. You can raise a pull request to modify it and view its version history on the Beyond Creative repo on GitHub.


In a world brimming with untapped potential and diverse pathways, creativity emerges not merely as a trait reserved for the artistically inclined but as a universal element within us all. It transcends the boundaries of traditional creative professions, permeating every aspect of human endeavour and thought. Our mission is to challenge the misconceptions surrounding creativity, advocating for a broader recognition of its role as a cornerstone of innovation, connection, and personal growth. Creativity is the silent engine behind every innovative thought, every groundbreaking idea, and every journey of discovery. By leveraging the arts as a vehicle for developing this innate capability, we aim to underscore its significance in achieving success, freedom, and self-actualisation, regardless of one's chosen path in life.

In today’s society, where the threat of manipulation and control looms large, fuelled by fear and perpetuated by algorithms, the importance of creativity cannot be overstated. As we edge closer to a future dominated by sophisticated AI, the need to foster creativity becomes paramount. It is creativity that unlocks the mind, allowing for innovation and the questioning of established norms. Without it, society risks falling prey to external agendas, losing its ability to forge its own destiny. The cultivation of both soft and hard skills through artistic exploration, especially during formative years, holds the key to empowering individuals. It prepares them to both navigate and thrive in an increasingly complex world, making the act of nurturing creativity not just an educational priority, but a societal imperative.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion the integration of the arts within our educational systems, ensuring they are valued equally alongside Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We advocate for a global shift to an interdisciplinary STEAM-based educational framework, preparing the AI Generation with the cognitive tools essential for the modern era. As we navigate a future shaped by AI and automation, skills such as creative and critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and lifelong learning become indispensable. Through the arts and creative exploration, we aim to cultivate these skills, developing brilliant minds capable of leveraging AI for personal growth and societal progress.


Progressive Learning

  • Championing forward-thinking progressive approaches to education and personal growth through interdisciplinary, thematic project-based exploration, we prioritise the cultivation of lifelong skills over traditional knowledge-based testing. Our focus is on preparing individuals for the future, not just for the now.

Constructive Irreverence

  • We advocate for questioning and challenging the status quo to propel society forward. Respectful yet unapologetically bold, we believe that true progress emerges from a willingness to reconsider established norms and embrace innovative thinking.

Openness to Innovation

  • Our commitment to openness means welcoming and rigorously testing new ideas from all corners of society. Recognising that originality and value often come from unexpected places, we encourage a culture where being open to being wrong is viewed as a strength, fostering unparalleled creativity.

Pragmatic Vision

  • With a pragmatic approach, we aim to underscore the intrinsic value of art and creativity, advocating for their recognition alongside scientific achievements. Through compelling evidence and clear advocacy, we strive for the arts to be acknowledged as essential, paving the way for the inevitable shift from STEM to STEAM education.

Dedication to Advocacy

  • We are steadfast in our belief that creativity deserves the same emphasis as literacy within education and policy. Committed to advocating for significant policy transformations, we aim to secure creativity's place at the core of educational frameworks, ensuring it is seen as fundamental to unlocking human potential and driving societal progress.


We envision a world unified by the thread of creativity, a world where the arts serve as the cornerstone for nurturing this essential human trait. Creativity, boundless and inherent in every individual regardless of background, education, or profession, underpins every leap forward — For beyond creativity lies every invention, every book, every theorem, every equation, every piece of art, every scientific discovery, every song, every line of code, every medical breakthrough and every step forward in societal progress.

Our vision is to unlock the creative potential that resides within each of us, bridging diverse disciplines to achieve a shared goal: discovering our unique intelligence, igniting personal passion, and embracing our distinctive talents. This vision of a future, rich in creativity and innovation, calls for a paradigm shift — a move towards a more integrated and inclusive approach to education and societal development. It's a future where STEAM education is not just an alternative but the standard, ensuring that creativity and the arts hold equal importance alongside science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Together, we strive to create a society that values and invests in creativity as the foundation for all human progress, empowering individuals to contribute to a world that cherishes diversity, innovation, and the unlimited potential of the creative mind.


Curate Inspiring Content

  • Commit to publishing diverse, high-quality content that showcases the transformative power of creativity across disciplines, highlighting innovative educational approaches, creative breakthroughs, and inspiring personal stories.

Build an Engaged Community

  • Pledge to foster a vibrant online and offline community where educators, artists, scientists, parents, and advocates can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that promote STEAM education and creative learning.

Champion Grassroots Action

  • Promote and showcase the work that community pioneers are achieving through their efforts to fight against the status quo and traditional models of education.

Facilitate Professional Development

  • Offer workshops, webinars, and resources for educators and professionals to integrate creativity into their teaching practices and workplaces, focusing on practical strategies for nurturing creativity and innovation.

Advocate for Educational Reform

  • Actively campaign for the inclusion of arts and creativity in educational curriculums worldwide, partnering with policymakers, educational institutions, and NGOs to advocate for systemic change towards interdisciplinary STEAM education.

Showcase Creative Careers

  • Highlight pathways and opportunities in creative professions, offering guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking careers that blend art, science, and technology, thereby expanding the narrative around creative professions.

Support Emerging Talent

  • Provide a platform for emerging artists, scientists, and educators to share their work, through features in the magazine, exhibitions, or community events, along with offering mentorship and funding opportunities where possible.

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

  • Ensure that the content and community activities are inclusive, representing a wide range of perspectives and voices, especially those from underrepresented groups in the arts, sciences, and education sectors.

Conduct Original Research

  • Undertake and publish research on the impact of creativity in education and the workforce, providing data-driven insights to support the case for a more creative and interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Promote Lifelong Learning

  • Encourage readers and community members to engage in continuous learning and personal development, offering resources and challenges that inspire curiosity, learning, and growth at all stages of life.

Collaborate for Greater Impact

  • Partner with educational institutions, cultural organisations, and industry leaders to launch initiatives that further the magazine's mission, such as art and science fairs, creative learning projects, and advocacy campaigns.

Call to Action

Join us in realising this transformative vision, where passion for making a difference transcends all else. Whether you're an artist, scientist, architect, engineer, designer, teacher, mathematician, parent, or anyone with a curiosity about the origins of creativity and a desire to cultivate this skill universally — your unique perspective is invaluable. We're uniting a diverse community dedicated to unlocking human potential across every field and background. If you share our fascination with exploring and expanding creativity, we invite you to contribute your voice, your work, or your support. Your involvement can ignite change, inspire innovation, and enrich our collective journey. Take the first step towards making a significant impact: Join the Beyond Creativity community, and together let’s unlock the potential for all our futures.

Closing Statement

Sir Ken Robinson urged us to shift our perspective from questioning 'How intelligent are you?' to exploring 'How are you intelligent?' This subtle yet profound change in inquiry underscores the need to appreciate and cultivate individual strengths and capabilities, moving beyond traditional metrics of intelligence. Beyond Creativity is committed to championing this shift across all spheres of learning and professional development. We strive to illuminate the diverse manifestations of creativity and intelligence, advocating for educational systems and societal norms that recognise and nurture this breadth of talent. Our mission is to create a world where every individual has the opportunity to discover and develop their unique form of intelligence and creativity, thereby contributing to a richer, more innovative, and inclusive future.

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