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  • Updated API for include/exclude in NPMPublishTask
  • beforeEach/afterEach for TaskTask
  • Custom publishing command for NPMPublishTask
  • FileList fixes for Windows
  • Fixed output for stdout/stderr when piped


  • Rule, for generating file-tasks on the fly
  • WatchTask, for running tasks on file/directory changes
  • Return values for tasks
  • Multiple Git branches for NpmPublishTask
  • Better API for including/excluding files from NpmPublishTask
  • JSHinted codebase


  • Interactive exec
  • Faster FileTask execution
  • Better Windows support for FileList pathnames
  • Node v0.10 compatibility (fixed their broken PPI)
  • Docs for async management with manual invocation


  • Embeddable Jake, non-CLI use


  • TestTask, for minimal test-running
  • Chaining support for FileList API
  • Node v0.8 compatibility
  • Migrated FileUtils into 'utilities' NPM library
  • namespace appends instead of overwriting
  • Numerous PackageTask archiving fixes


  • NpmPublishTask, for automating NPM publishing
  • FileUtils, for sync filesystem manipulation
  • Evented tasks
  • Streamed output from jake.exec
  • Numerous Windows fixes for jake.exec
  • Massive refactor of task/file-task/directory-task
  • Shit-ton of new tests


  • FileTask, DirectoryTask
  • PackageTask, for easy project packaging
  • FileList, for lazy-access of long lists of filenames, pattern-matching
  • zsh support
  • Multiple targets from CLI
  • 'async' Boolean to options object
  • Always-make flag
  • -T for listing tasks
  • Passed params from CLI
  • invoke, execute, reenable methods on tasks
  • Custom exit-status for fail
  • Recursive directory-search for Jakefile
  • Switch from node-glob to minimatch for globbing
  • Added proper license notice
  • Basic suite of integration tests
  • Added package.json
  • Coffeescript support


  • Use Rake-style syntax instead of object-literal to define tasks
  • jake main module as basic task-runner
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