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@@ -680,21 +680,15 @@ The [PackageTask API
docs]( include a
lot more information, including different archiving options.
-PackageTask requires NodeJS's minimatch module
-( It is used in FileList, which is used to
-specify the list of files to include in your PackageTask (the packageFiles
-property). (See FileList, below.)
-## FileList
+### FileList
Jake's FileList takes a list of glob-patterns and file-names, and lazy-creates a
list of files to include. Instead of immediately searching the filesystem to
find the files, a FileList holds the pattern until it is actually used.
When any of the normal JavaScript Array methods (or the `toArray` method) are
called on the FileList, the pending patterns are resolved into an actual list of
-file-names. FileList uses NodeJS's minimatchmodule
+file-names. FileList uses the [minimatch]( module.
To build the list of files, use FileList's `include` and `exclude` methods:

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