A no-frills tool for connecting to and querying the FEC API in Python.
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FEC API wrapper

by Jake Kara jkara@trendct.org

Example 1: Quickstart


$ pip install fec

Use it:

 >>> from fec import fec
 >>> conn = fec.Fec(YOUR_API_KEY)
 >>> ret = conn.get("/candidates")
 >>> print ret

Example 2: Optionals

ret = conn.get("/candidates",
               pages=[1,2,3,4,5], # Specify which pages to retrieve
               params="&cycle=2012&cycle=2016&office=P") #Specify parameters

Unstable code warning!

At the moment I don't have plans to develop this into a stable and backwards compatible code base. I haven't added a lot of conveniences likehard-coding queries you can make. I'm publishing this code in case someone else finds it useful to see how to build a quick API wrapper.

Here are some features I do plan to add:

  1. A parameter-forming method so you don't have to pass all the URL parameters in one mashed-up string.

  2. A method to get all pages of results

  3. Rate limit-friendliness? Maybe I'll make this prevent you from running over API rate limits. Maybe not.

  4. Maybe I will add convenience methods for common queries.