Add a real-time heart rate visualizer to XSplit/OBS/Etc streams
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Real-time heart rate overlay for streaming

image of the heart rate overlay overtop of Dark Souls gameplay

This repo provides a real-time heart rate graph that can be selected as a source in Xsplit or OBS to overlay on a stream. To use this repo, you'll need a bluetooth enabled computer, a bluetooth heart rate band, and you'll need node installed. I've only tested it with a Polar HR7 band.

stream.js reads from the heart rate band and logs the latest rate to rate.json (This uses Noble)

Video example

How to use this

  • Install node
  • Clone this repo
  • In the root directory, run npm install to install requirements
  • While wearing the Polar H7, run node stream.js
  • After a few seconds, you should see heart rate data logged into the terminal (and you can double check rate.js to make sure it's updating)
  • Then, simply open index.html and you should see the overlay.

I recommend serving this through python simple HTTP server (or some other simple server) so that you can easily add it as a source in your streaming software.


This should function with other bluetooth heart rate sensors that broadcast the 180d service. This does not include Fitbit Charge HR - to my knowledge the Charge HR does not broadcast the heart rate service over bluetooth.