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Fix iOS6 PTR Crash and cleanup CocoaPod settings #3

merged 8 commits into from

2 participants

Joshua Kovach Jake Marsh
Joshua Kovach

JMStatefulTableViewController is incompatible with later
versions of SVPullToRefresh due to a complete redesign.

Resolves issues #1 and #2.

Jake Marsh jakemarsh merged commit 9c44b9e into from
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Commits on Jan 8, 2013
  1. Joshua Kovach

    Lock SVPullToRefresh dependency version

    shekibobo authored
    `JMStatefulTableViewController` is incompatible with later 
    versions of `SVPullToRefresh` due to a complete redesign.
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. Joshua Kovach
  2. Joshua Kovach

    Ignore Pods directory

    shekibobo authored
  3. Joshua Kovach

    Ignore local DerivedData/

    shekibobo authored
  4. Joshua Kovach
  5. Joshua Kovach

    Version Bump 0.1.1

    shekibobo authored
  6. Joshua Kovach

    Ignore Pods/ directory

    shekibobo authored
  7. Joshua Kovach

    Merge branch 'fix-ios6-ptr'

    shekibobo authored
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