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@@ -118,11 +118,11 @@ It is, like I mentioned, unfinished, meant mearly as a tool for you to checkout
### Screenshots
-<img src=",%202012%207.08.00%20PM.png" width="320" style="margin: 10px;"/>
-<img src=",%202012%207.08.01%20PM.png" width="320" style="margin: 10px;" />
-<img src=",%202012%207.08.02%20PM.png" width="320" style="margin: 10px;" />
-<img src=",%202012%207.08.04%20PM.png" width="320" style="margin: 10px;" />
-<img src=",%202012%207.08.07%20PM.png" width="320" style="margin: 10px;" />
+<img src=",%202012%207.08.00%20PM.png" width="320" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
+<img src=",%202012%207.08.01%20PM.png" width="320" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
+<img src=",%202012%207.08.02%20PM.png" width="320" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
+<img src=",%202012%207.08.04%20PM.png" width="320" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
+<img src=",%202012%207.08.07%20PM.png" width="320" />

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