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gather fig dependencies from `lein deps`
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# lein-fig

            Get fig dependencies with your maven dependencies.

 ## Hacking
            To publish:
            $ lein pom && lein jar && lein push

## Usage

            $ lein deps

            lein-fig uses Robert Hooke to hook `deps` and install your
            fig dependencies alongside.

## Installation

        Method 1 (good):
            $ lein plugin install lein-fig 1.0.3
            Add the following line to your project.clj:
              :hooks [leiningen.fig]

        Method 2 (bad):
            Add [lein-fig "1.0.3"] to your project's :dev-dependencies.
            Add the following two lines to your project.clj:
              :disable-implicit-clean true
              :hooks [leiningen.fig]

## License

            Licensed under the EPL; the same license as Clojure.
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