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d646a20 Feb 12, 2016
@jakemcc @jdslavin @devn @cdorrat
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(defproject sample "1.2.3"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.6.0"]]
:profiles {:dev {:plugins [[com.jakemccrary/lein-test-refresh "0.12.0"]]}}
:test-refresh {;; Specifies a command to run on test
;; failure/success. Short message is passed as the
;; last argument to the command.
;; Defaults to no command.
:notify-command ["terminal-notifier" "-title" "Tests" "-message"]
;; set to true to send notifications to growl
;; Defaults to false.
:growl false
;; only growl and use the notify command if there are
;; failures.
;; Defaults to true.
:notify-on-success false
;; Stop clojure.test from printing
;; "Testing namespace.being.tested". Very useful on
;; codebases with many test namespaces.
;; Defaults to false.
:quiet true
;; If this is specified then only tests in namespaces
;; that were just reloaded by tools.namespace
;; (namespaces where a change was detected in it or a
;; dependent namespace) are run. This can also be
;; passed as a command line option: lein test-refresh :changes-only.
:changes-only true
;; specifiy a custom clojure.test report method
;; Specify the namespace and multimethod that will handle reporting
;; from test-refresh. The namespace must be available to the project dependencies.
;; Defaults to no custom reporter
:report myreport.namespace/my-report
;; If set to a truthy value, then lein test-refresh
;; will only run your tests once. Also supported as a
;; command line option. Reasoning for feature can be
;; found in PR:
:run-once true})
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