Characterzing the exposome variability
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Toward Capturing the Exposome: Exposure Biomarker Variability and Co-Exposure Patterns in the Shared Environment

Submitted for peer review, Fall 2017


  • Ming Kei (Jake) Chung
    • github: @jakemkc
    • twitter: @jakekei
    • email: jake_chung[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu
  • Kurunthachalam Kannan
    • email: kurunthachalam[dot]kannan[at]health[dot]ny[dot]gov
  • Germaine M. Buck Louis
    • email: louisg[at]mail[dot]nih[dot]gov
  • Chirag J. Patel



Along with time, variation in the exposome is dependent on the location and sex of study participants. One specific factor that may influence exposure co-variations is a shared household environment.


To examine the influence of shared household and partner’s sex in relation to the variation in 128 endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) exposures among couples.


In a cohort comprising 501 couples trying for pregnancy, we measured 128 (13 chemical classes) persistent and non persistent EDCs and estimated 1) sex-specific differences; 2) variance explained by shared household; and 3) Spearman's rank correlation coefficients (rs) for females, males, and couples.

Getting Started

  • This github repository analytical materials for characterzing the correlations in 501 subjects recruited in the LIFE Study.
  • Code for data clean-up, processing, analysis, and visulization can be found on GitHub
  • Main findings of our study can be found here
  • Preprint paper can be downloaded from BioRxiv
  • Please contact us for further information, thank you.