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A React Native module for parsing and displaying git diffs.
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react-native-diff-view Build Status David

A React Native module for parsing and displaying git diffs. This library was heavily inspired by, and borrows code from, react-diff-view.


The purpose of this library is to parse and render a unified diff view for any provided diff(s). The flexible widget system also allows for rendering of custom elements on a per-line (or "change") basis. The end result will look something like this:

Example diff with a comment widget

Getting Started

npm install --save react-native-diff-view


Parsing Diffs

The top-level parseDiff(diff: string): IFile[] export is a wrapper around gitdiff-parser, but strongly typed and with some extra options:

  • nearbySequence: 'zip' | undefined — the action to take when nearby sequences are encountered.

Rendering Diff Hunks

The top-level Diff export is a component to be used for rendering a single diff. Here's a simple example:

import React from 'react';
import { View, ScrollView } from 'react-native';
import { parseDiff, Diff, Hunk } from 'react-native-diff-view';

const App = ({ diffText }) => {
    const files = parseDiff(diffText);

    const renderFile = ({ oldRevision, newRevision, type, hunks }) => (
      <ScrollView key={oldRevision + '-' + newRevision} horizontal={true} bounces={false}>
        <Diff diffType={type} hunks={hunks}>
            {(hunks) => => <Hunk key={hunk.content} hunk={hunk} />)}

    return (

props.children, in this case, is a function that takes an array of IHunk and returns the rendered element(s). This is optional, and if not provided the hunks will be rendered as default <Hunk/ > components.

Wrapping Hunks in Decorations

A decoration is a way to wrap a <Hunk /> component with customized content.

A <Decoration /> component is a simple passthrough of props.children, which can be either a single element or an array of two:

  • A single element: this will be rendered in the entire row.
  • An array containing two elements: The first element will be rendered in gutter position, the second will be rendered in code position.

A very simple use case of Decoration is to provide a summary infomation of hunk:

import React from 'react';
import { Diff, Hunk, Decoration } from 'react-native-diff-view';

const renderHunk = (hunk) => [
  <Decoration key={'decoration-' + hunk.content}>
  <Hunk key={'hunk-' + hunk.content}> hunk={hunk} />,

const DiffFile = ({ diffType, hunks }) => (
  <Diff diffType={diffType}>

Rendering Widgets

As mentioned above, widgets can be used to render custom element(s) on a per-change, or per-line, basis. These will be rendered immediately below their corresponding line. Only the first match will be rendered.

Here's a basic example that adds a warning on long lines:

import React from 'react';
import { Text } from 'react-native';
import { parseDiff, getChangeKey, Diff } from 'react-native-diff-view';

const getWidgets = (hunks) => {
    const changes = hunks.reduce((result, {changes}) => [...result, ...changes], []);
    const longLines = changes.filter(({content}) => content.length > 120);

    return longLines.reduce(
      (widgets, change) => {
        const changeKey = getChangeKey(change);

        return {
          [changeKey]: <Text>Line too long</Text>

const App = ({diffText}) => {
    const files = parseDiff(diffText);

    return (
            {{hunks}, i) => <Diff key={i} hunks={hunks} widgets={getWidgets(hunks)} viewType="split" />)}


The following props are supported but optional on the top-level <Diff /> component:

  • style: ViewStyle — styling to be applied to the top-level Diff view.
  • lineStyle: ViewStyle — styling to be applied on each individual change line.
  • gutterStyle: ViewStyle — styling to be applied on the gutter of each individual change.
  • contentStyle: ViewStyle — styling to be applied to the code content of each individual change.


The following events are supported but optional on the top-level <Diff /> component:

  • onChangePress(change: IChange) => any — if provided, this will be triggered any time a user presses on a specific line or change in a diff.


🎊 Thanks for considering contributing! Issue reports and pull requests are always welcome.

To get started:

  1. git clone
  2. cd react-native-diff-view
  3. npm install

To test your changes before opening a PR:

npm test

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