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This is a fairly big release as far as back-end changes, but this amounts to a small bug-fix release as far as user-facing changes goes.

  • Enhancement - Issue #115 - Tidied up HTML and implemented HTML5 client-side input validation
  • Enhancement - Issue #129 - Enhancements to install.php
  • Enhancement - Issue #132 - Move to PDO_MySQL to replace ext/mysql
  • Enhancement - Issue #138 - Need better error for acl validation
  • Enhancement - Issue #139 - Stop logging "Static IP Reservation form accessed"
  • Bug Fix - Issue #130 - Advanced searches with date selection are broken
  • Bug Fix - Issue #133 - PHP Warning: calling date() without setting the default time zone
  • Bug Fix - Issue #135 - Bulk import should handle empty rows
  • Bug Fix - Issue #136 - Bulk import fails on block with no ip range
  • Bug Fix - Issue #137 - Subnet search with full mask fails
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Mostly a bug fix release:

Enhancement - Issue #123: static search with no results should return subnet search result
Bug Fix - Issue #118: stale scan toggle button should not show a plain-text error when not authorized
Bug Fix - Issue #120: Add acl broken in firefox
Bug Fix - Issue #122: Block name update should be case-sensitive
Bug Fix - Issue #124: Logs don't truncate
Bug Fix - Issue #126: Update documentation link

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Small bug fix release:

Bug Fix - Issue #116: block search sorting is broken
Bug Fix - Issue #117: User edit button is broken

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Enhancement - Issue 97: Support redundant LDAP servers
Enhancement - Issue 102: You can now disable stale scan for a whole subnet
Enhancement - Issue 109: Subnet searches for a single IP address will show the parent subnet as a result
Enhancement - Issue 111: Make blocks nestable
Enhancement - Issue 112: Settings changes now have more discreet feedback on success or failure
Bug Fix - Issue 100: IP Guidance should be editable after ping
Bug Fix - Issue 113: Page selection is broken on search
Bug Fix - Issue 114: Can't always see notices

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This release was never completed and published for production deployment. There were aesthetic UI issues that weren't resovled until release v2.2

See the full Changelog