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Deprecation Notice

You should probably use instead of this.


babel-preset-es2015-auto is a project that aims to bring autoprefixer-like functionality to babel.


$ npm install --save-dev babel-preset-es2015-auto


Via .babelrc (Recommended)


  "presets": ["es2015-auto"]


$ babel script.js --presets es2015-auto

Via Node API

require("babel-core").transform("code", {
  presets: ["es2015-auto"]

babel-preset-es2015-auto only requires the transformers needed based on feature support. For example, if the node version you plan to use supports let and const, you don't need to run the transform-es2015-block-scoping plugin.

Until preset options are figured out (issue), use the environment variable PRESET_NODE_VERSION to set minimum node to support.

By default, the running version of node will be used.

$ PRESET_NODE_VERSION='> 5.4' babel script.js --presets es2015-auto


 ./cli.js -e '> 5.4'

[ 'babel-plugin-transform-es3-property-literals',
  'babel-plugin-transform-regenerator' ]


Install project dependencies

npm install

node/iojs tests

Run the tests

make run-node

Files are output to "build/results" in json format

Process results

node processResults.js creates/updates the data.json file used at runtime.