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2016-02-07 v2.1.1

* Reorganize test cases into separate files for ease of maintenance and testing
* Fix #86: JSONP return data treated as JSON
* Added jQuery 1.12.0 to test quite
* Fix #105: Using XML files as proxies
* Fix #267: Handle undefined URL argument correctly
* Fix #123: Handle query string formatted data option


* Updated to version 2.1.0
* Removed unused testswarm files
* Added test step in build process for dist file
* Refactor tests to be easier to maintain and conform to current QUnit standards
* Added global URL namespace feature (thanks @danpaz)
* Added clearing of mocks by URL and regex (thanks @stas-vilchik)
* Use async setting for proxy data (thanks @udnisap)
* Update tests to jQuery 2.2.0 and fix for latest in jQuery git (thanks Simon and @gyoshev)
* Fixed #136: cross domain requests
* Updated contributing documentation to clearly state process for a release


* Updated to version 2.0.1
* Fixed name in package.json for coordination among package management systems


* Updated to version 2.0.0
* Fixed issue with isTimeout switch


* Updated to version 2.0.0-beta
* Reorganized codebase and implemented Grunt build process
* Implemented automated QUnit tests via Grunt and "shortcut" button in web tests
* Added JSHint task for catching issues earlier
* Implemented UMD pattern for use with require, browser, Node, etc
* Removesd support for jQuery < 1.5.x
* Removed deprecated `$.mockjaxClear()` method in favor of `$.mockjax.clear()`
* Fixed numerous bugs (see issues for more info)
* Refactored tests a bit (needs a lot more)
* Added Travis CI for tests and Codacy for static code analysis


* Updated to version 1.6.2
* Update jQuery library test versions on both 1.x and 2.x branches
* Remove duplicate "repositories" value in package.json (@wfortin)
* Remove undefined "head" variable in jsonp request mocking
* Added async `response` function ability
* Added ability to specify range for responseTime with random selection
* Reorganized documentation significantly


* Updated to version 1.6.1
* Changed all references to appendTo to point to (new owner)
* removed unused testswarm files


* Updated to version 1.6.0
* Added `unfiredHandlers()` and `unmockedAjaxCalls()`
* Numerous bug fixes and breaking tests
* Internal method cleanup
* Switched to throwing proper `Error` objects
* Switched to tab indentation everywhere
* Added `main` field to package.json
* Fixed responseTime for jsonp and allowed for variable setting with array min/max
* Added `onAfterXxxxx` callbacks
* Updated `$.mockjaxClear()` to be `$.mockjax.clear()` with deprecation notice
* Complete README documentation overhaul
* Fixed issue with Async actions in response callback
* Added "contributing" documentation


* Spelling corrections in
* Update to newest version of QUnit (JS & CSS) and fixes for doing so
* Added further versions of jQuery to test with
* Added some tests for various issues and split out some tests for atomicity
* Fixed dataType check for JSONP (case insensitive)
* ensure request `data` matching occurs when url is matched and no data matching is required


* Fixed issue with proxy data and status codes (Thanks [Andrew Goodale](!)
* TODO: Update this file with all changes since previous version


* Updated to version 1.5.2
* Added support for jQuery 1.8, 1.9, 2.0
* TODO: Update this file with all changes since previous version

2011-03-25 Jonathan Sharp (

* Updating jQuery 1.5rc1 to 1.5.1
* Adding TestSwarm support

2011-02-03 Jonathan Sharp (

* Added log setting to intercept or disable logging messages
* Added proxyType setting to force request type when proxying a mock
* Added 29 unit tests for jQuery 1.3 through 1.5
* Fixed issue #4 - Compatibility with jQuery 1.3
* Fixed issue #10 - Undefined contents
* Fixed issue #15 - proxy setting request type
* Fixed issue #16 - proxy setting request type
* Fixed issue #17 - jsonp request handling
* Fixed issue #18 - Unit test fail with jQuery 1.5
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