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isTimeout with jQuery Deferred callbacks doesn't work #63

michaelbrooks opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I had an error using isTimeout in mockjax with jQuery's Deferred callbacks (

I'm using jQuery version 1.7.2, but there were errors with earlier versions as well. I created a test demonstrating the problem in this repo:

The error was on line 181 of jquery.mockjax.js, where it attempts to call requestSettings.error(), but no such function exists.

I have no idea how to fix this, but hopefully this is helpful. I see there have been earlier changes to make mockjax work with deferred callbacks (#37) but this problem seems to be particular to the case of using isTimeout.


Taking a look at this right now. Thanks.

@jdsharp jdsharp closed this issue from a commit
@mlynch mlynch Fixed isTimeout issue for deferred-style ajax requests. Fixes #63
This fix also changes some of the behavior of timeouts, namely it no
longer manually calls error or complete on timeout. Instead, it lets
jQuery handle that, as it should.
@jdsharp jdsharp closed this in b0b29d9
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