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.NET C# Winforms Gantt Chart Control

This .NET class library project provides a C# Winforms UserControl that draws a gantt chart using native GDI+.

Getting Started

The project is written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, simply download the latest source code from the master branch and build the library with the IDE.


No pre-requisites other than the .NET Framework.


The project builds into a class library with example applications.

Running the tests

The source code includes a test project GanttChartTests which you can load and run within Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 from the test menu.


  • Support time units Weeks, Days (default), Hours out-of-the-box, can be modified to support other time resolutions.
  • Single tasks, grouped tasks, precedent/dependant tasks, split tasks, tagged resources
  • Printing respects page margin, orientation and multiple pages per page
  • Percentage complete property for each task
  • Various mouse events for customising UI experience directly on the chart.
  • Comes with default mouse commands that can be overridden through inheritance.
  • Determines critical path and slack


Jump directly to the doxygen documentation, or visit my blog for more information. (Please make sure you are reading the updated versions while I try to keep up, thanks.)

Basic Usage

Create Chart and Adding Tasks

public Form1()
    var manager = new ProjectManager();
    var task = new Task() { Name = "Hello World" };
    var chart = new Chart();

    this.AutoScroll = true; // this is no longer required

Common Task Manipulation

You can manipulate the task through code using various methods in the ProjectManager:

// Set task durations
_mManager.SetDuration(wake, 3);
// Give the Tasks some organisation, setting group and
// precedents e.g. make "wake" task a subtask under "work"
_mManager.Group(work, wake);
// Setting task dependencies e.g. make "wake" task a precedent of "brush teeth" task
_mManager.Relate(wake, teeth);
// Assigning Resources e.g. add "jake" resource to "wake" task
_mManager.Assign(wake, jake);
// splitting a tasks e.g. split the "pack up" task into 2 new tasks
_mManager.Split(pack, new MyTask(_mManager), new MyTask(_mManager), 2);
// set some tooltips to show the resources in each task
// e.g. set a tooltip on the "wake" task
_mChart.SetToolTip(wake, string.Join(", ", _mManager.ResourcesOf(wake).Select(x => (x as MyResource).Name)));

Custom Task Data: Different colors for every tasks

You can change the default task appearance for all task, or as in here change individual task color as a demo for adding custom business data to tasks.

public partial class ExampleSimple : Form
  ProjectManager _mProject;
  public ExampleSimple()
    _mProject = new ProjectManager();
    _mProject.Add(new Task() { Name = "New Task" });
    _mProject.Add(new ColoredTask() { Name = "Purple Task", Color = Color.Purple });
    _mProject.Add(new ColoredTask() { Name = "Gold Task", Color = Color.Gold });
    // Custom behavior on paint task
    _mChart.PaintTask += (s, e) =>
        ColoredTask ctask = e.Task as ColoredTask;
        if (ctask != null)
            var format = new TaskFormat();
            format = e.Format;
            format.BackFill = new SolidBrush(ctask.Color);
            e.Format = format;
    // Grab custom data for tasks
    _mChart.TaskSelected += (s, e) =>
        ColoredTask ctask = e.Task as ColoredTask;
        if (ctask != null)
            MessageBox.Show("Selected " + ctask.Color.ToString());

// Custom task with business data
public class ColoredTask : Task
    public ColoredTask() : base() {}
    public Color Color { get; set; }


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details