An HTML5 javascript shoot em up in the style of the old c64 classic game "Delta"
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Javascript Delta

This is a small weekend homage to the classic c64 shoot-em-up "Delta".



    • speed
    • fire rate
    • fire multiple
    • fire up/down/back
    • shield

    • rotate around a queen alien
    • pillars with gaps to fly through
    • boss aliens
    • split/multiple waves (e.g. 2 or more independent waves at same time)
    • ddx/ddy accelerating (hyperbolic and elliptical motion)
    • give aliens customizable health so they might take multiple shots before dying
    • give aliens customizable shot rate

    • alien graphics
    • bullet graphics
    • rock/border graphics
    • title screen graphics

    • clean up the hideous N^2 collision detection code
    • use a little PUB/SUB event handling for simpler code
    • "are you sure" confirmation on quit
    • high scores
    • performance (avoid garbage, optimize rendering)


The game is 100% client side javascript and css. It should run when served up by any web server.

Any changes to the following files will be reflected immediately on refresh of the browser

  • js/delta.js
  • css/delta.css
  • images/
  • levels/

However, if you modify the js/game/ or js/vendor/ javascript files, the unified versions need to be regenerated:

js/vendor.js        # the unified 3rd party vendor scripts (fpsmeter, state-machine, etc)
js/game.js          # the unified general purpose game engine

If you have the Ruby language available, Rake tasks can be used to auto generate these unified files:

rake assets:create   # re-create unified javascript/css asset files on demand
rake assets:server   # run a simple rack server that automatically regenerates the unified files when the underlying source is modified


All sounds effects are CC licensed from

Music is (respectfully) borrowed from Rob Hubbard's original because it's ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

All graphics are (respectfully) ripped from original R-Type arcade games by


MIT license.