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Javascript Snakes

An HTML5 Snakes Game


  • Chrome 13/14
  • Firefox 5/6
  • IE 9
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 11


  • No sound FX in Safari because of delay when playing elements
  • Opera ignores volume and plays music/sounds very loud (and slightly delayed - uck!)


for all of the gory details checkout the blog article (coming soon)

The game is split into multiple source files (.js, .css and .png) that must be unified (and minified) for the final run-time game:

snakes.js      # the unified javascript file
snakes.min.js  # the unified and minified javascript file
snakes.css     # the unified css stylesheet
snakes.min.css # the unified and minified css stylesheet
fruit.png      # multiple fruit image spritesheet
head.png       # multiple snake head image spritesheet

If you have the Ruby language available, Rake tasks can be used to auto generate these unified files:

rake assets:create   # re-create unified javascript/css asset files
rake assets:resprite # re-create css sprite image files

These must be run every time you change one of the source files.

To make development easier, an auto-asset-generating Rack server can be used that will automatically recreate the unified asset files when they detect a change in the underlying source files:

rake assets:server   # run a simple Rack server that autogenerates unified assets files automatically on change


  • gameplay: specials - speedup, slowdown, shrink, temporary immunity
  • presentation: fixed width font for high score table ?
  • presentation: better styles when current score >= high score, new high score flash the moment score >= high score
  • presentation: game over message
  • usability: back button support (hashtag support for credits vs highscores vs game ?)
  • performance: use invalid rectangles to only update changed segments (will help when length > 100)
  • techdebt: use event driven pub/sub patterns instead of allowing snake/score/court to call back into game object
  • techdebt: move score rendering out of score class and into render class
  • techdebt: abstract credits list into re-usable Game.Credits class
  • techdebt: abstract highscore list into re-usable Game.Leaderboard class
  • future: player vs player
  • future: player vs AI
  • future: touch support


MIT license.

NOTE: the graphics and sounds included in this project are royalty free resources paid for and licensed from iStockPhoto, Lucky Lion Studios and Premium Beat. They are licensed ONLY for use in this project and should not be reproduced.

Thanks for your honesty!