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ban people in your Discord server who have a specific name
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Hammer Time

What is it?

This Discord bot is a type of raid prevention. I have seen several raids where a bunch of people make accounts and join, all under the same name, so this bot will automatically ban people if they match a specific name you have set.

How to Install and Run

  1. Install node.js
  2. Download bot.js
  3. Make a bot (skip to use an existing bot)
  4. Make sure it is a bot user
  5. Next to Token click click to reveal
  6. Copy the token and paste it between the quotation marks in line 1 of bot.js
    • Should look like const botToken = 'yourBotToken';
  7. Open Discord and make sure your have Developer Mode enabled
    • Go to User Settings > Appearance > enable Developer Mode
  8. Right click (or control+click on mac) your name, then click Copy ID
  9. Paste your ID between the quotation marks in line 2 of bot.js
    • Should look like const ownerID = 'yourDiscordID';
  10. Run npm install to install dependencies
  11. Run node ./bot.js from your terminal (make sure to replace ./bot.js with the directory of the file)
    • This will create several files and folders, the folder location can be defined with the basedir constant in line 4



  • @hammer time#3703 source displays a link to the bot source (this github page)
  • @hammer time#3703 invite displays an invite link for the bot to be added to a server

Server Moderator (must have the Ban Members permission)

  • @hammer time#3703 list sends you a DM of blocked usernames
  • @hammer time#3703 add <name> adds a blocked username
  • @hammer time#3703 addraw <regex> adds a blocked username Regular Exponent (remember to escape things meant to be escaped and be to careful with this command)
  • @hammer time#3703 remove <number> removes a blocked username (use "list" command to get the number)
  • @hammer time#3703 banmsg <text> what the bot says when it bans
  • @hammer time#3703 bans send you a DM of the list of bans
  • @hammer time#3703 silentban [yes|no] enables or disables the "goodbye" message on each ban (no arguments will toggle the state)
  • @hammer time#3703 help sends you a DM with this help list

Bot Owner

All of these commands are done by being sent via a DM to the bot

  • servers sends you a dm of all connected servers
  • leave <number> leaves a connected server (use "servers" command to get the number)
  • blacklisted lists all blacklisted servers
  • blacklist <id> blacklists a server
  • unblacklist <number> removes a server from the blacklist (use "blacklisted" command to get the number)
  • joinnotify [yes|no] enables or disables dming when joining a server (no arguments will toggle the state)
  • leavenotify [yes|no] enables or disables dming when leaving a server (no arguments will toggle the state)
  • help gives you this help list


Feel free to DM me on Discord, @Jake#1885

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