Tools to help with Android assessments and forensics
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Android Tools


A collection of tools and utils to help with Android application assessments and forensics. Please report issues to javallet[at]gmail[dot]com.

A shell script to create and pull a new "system.img" file for an emulator. Requires the Android SDK, root privileges on the emulator, and enough space to hold the image in the new system.img file.


A shell script to search for APK files on a device or emulator, and pull them down by package name.


Searching for a package containg the string "jake":

root@analysis# ./apkget -s jake

Pulling a package off of a physical device:

root@anaylsis# ./apkget -d -p com.jakev.testing


A shell script to make it easier to send SECRET_CODE intents.

sending the SECRET_CODE intent with the host "jakesecret":

root@analysis# ./sendsecretcode jakesecret