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Educational game for teaching the basics of web exploitation to 3rd through 6th graders
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This was a Hack CU V project completed by myself and Fisher Darling. This project won the "Most Random Hack". The goal of this project is to teach children from the 3rd to 6th grade about what it means to think in the cybersecurity mindset. It uses the idea of the player(client) delivering a payload (a cookie) to the server (a cookie monster). The player has to use cybersecurity concepts like analyzing the enviorment, Man in the middle attacks, etc to figure out how to pass the cookie monster.

Techincal details

The code, as well as executables, can be downloaded from the release page, which is the state of the code when the hackathon was completed. Read the whitepaper pdf attached to learn more about the future development plans and a release proposal.

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