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Arch / MacOS / Emacs dotfiles
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dot_config intervals fixed Apr 15, 2019
private_dot_emacs.d change emacs default directory Aug 22, 2019
private_dot_ssh weird mssing ) May 17, 2019
LICENSE Create License Jun 29, 2019 added README Jun 29, 2019
dot_Xresources fixing fotns? Mar 8, 2019
dot_bash_profile updated to work with new repo Jun 30, 2019
dot_bash_prompt fixing bash prompt Jun 12, 2019
dot_gitconfig gitconfig Mar 13, 2019
dot_gitignore global gitignore Mar 13, 2019
dot_torrc added torrc Apr 4, 2019
dot_vimrc added vimrc? Apr 24, 2019
dot_xinitrc added scaling Mar 9, 2019
dot_zshrc rough who is home Aug 22, 2019


These are my dot files for my MacOS / Arch Linux setup. They are managed by chezmoi, which is a great tool. They previously contained plain text passwords but those have all been revoked, but please let me know if you find any other security vulnerabilities.

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